Review – Her Universe earrings

A few years ago, Her Universe released two styles of Star Wars dangle earrings, with a third pair a little while later. These are great earrings to coordinate with your favourite outfits, and thankfully all three styles are still available!

The Imperial logo earrings were released in late 2010, with the matching Rebel Alliance earrings coming out a few months later in early/mid 2011. They retailed for US$25 each, and are still available at Thinkgeek. The Rebel Alliance earrings are black, while the Imperial cog earrings are actual more gunmetal grey by comparison. They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The Imperial cog earrings measure approximately 14mm across, with the Rebel Alliance earrings measuring just a tiny bit smaller, about 13.5mm across. Something about the shape or size of the hooks (or perhaps the light weight) means that these are little prone to falling out when I wear them. I noticed a few comments on Thinkgeek’s product page about this too – I bend the hooks slightly more closed when wearing, to keep them in more securely.

Her Universe - Imperial logo dangle earrings Her Universe - Imperial logo dangle earrings

Her Universe - Rebel Alliance dangle earrings Her Universe - Rebel Alliance dangle earrings

The Naboo symbol earrings were released in early 2012 to celebrate the release of Episode 1 in 3D. They retailed for $25 and are still available to buy from Her Universe. They measure approximately 14mm across, the same size as the Imperial logo version. These are definitely my favourite of the three, but unfortunately the earring hooks on mine have tarnished a little over the years. At least this isn’t very visible when worn, but it is a shame. I am always on the lookout for Naboo-themed fashion, I wish more companies would use the symbol for Star Wars accessories like these. The gold colour is perfect for coordinating with Queen Amidala themed/inspired outfits.

Her Universe - Naboo symbol dangle earrings Her Universe - Naboo symbol dangle earrings