My new TKR office space!

The Kessel Runway - my new office space

I’ve been a little busy this past week – building and painting my new at-home office space! Over the years, I have set up my laptop in random spots around the house to do my writing. With the growing amount of time I spend blogging each day, we decided it was time for me to have a proper office space.

With the amazing help of my husband and my parents, I now have a big purpose-built desk – complete with Rebel Alliance symbol cut-out! How cool is that?! My family know I love adding Star Wars touches around the house (we have Star Wars items in every room), so the Rebel Symbol was a great surprise 🙂

I have finally finished setting up my new desk, and I’m already working on new feature articles and reviews.

The Kessel Runway - my new Star Wars desk!