Looking ahead

Over the past year of writing for The Kessel Runway, I’ve had many ideas for projects I’d love to work on. I’ve nearly filled my note book with scribbles of outfit concepts, projects and ideas – but they never left the paper. When I finished my first ever half marathon in January, I was so excited to have accomplished a goal, and it’s inspired me to keep going. So, I’ve taken my note book of scribbles and decided to make them reality. Here are some of the projects I have begun to work on, with the goal to have them ready for this website in 6 to 12 months –

  • Designing and creating outfits from printed Star Wars fabrics
  • Designing and creating Star Wars character/costume inspired outfits
  • Photo shoots featuring Star Wars apparel and accessories
  • Videos featuring/reviewing Star Wars apparel and accessories
  • A self-published book about Star Wars Fashion For Women

The Kessel Runway - projects in the works