One Year On

The Kessel Runway has just passed the one year mark, and I’m excited to look back at how far my project has come. It started with the idea to fully convert my wardrobe to Star Wars apparel, and has grown to be so much more. I thought it would be a casual project, finding new items every once in a while – but it was kept me busy with daily posts of new finds and purchases. What started as a small personal blog has grown into a full time website – and I couldn’t be happier. It has been rewarding to help alert fans to new releases, and so much fun meeting other passionate and fashionable female Star Wars fans along the way – every one of them has inspired me.

As a Star Wars collector, I hadn’t really considered fashion as a particularly large area (at least, beyond men’s t-shirts), and it’s wonderful to be proven wrong. From vintage jewelry made in the 70’s, to designer garments off the London Fashion Week runway, my hunt to add more Star Wars items to my wardrobe has been amazing. I am still surprised at myself for not considering collecting Star Wars fashion earlier – I was aware of vintage t-shirts and accessories, but I had always heard that there isn’t much Star Wars apparel for women. With each passing day I know this is no longer true – my wallet is struggling to keep up with my shopping list as I find more and more.

Although men’s Star Wars apparel is easier to find, and in larger quantities, a large portion of the range available is the standard t-shirt – but if you watch women’s fashion runway shows, the t-shirt is rare. Sure, it’s the modern wardrobe staple, but a fashionista would never limit her wardrobe to just t-shirts. So it’s exciting to see the variety in Star Wars apparel for women that is available today, we certainly don’t have to buy shapeless men’s t-shirts anymore. From the recent footwear collection from Irregular Choice, to pin-up dresses from Her Universe, and jewelry from a range of companies – there’s even underwear and make-up! I can step out the front door dressed in head-to-toe Star Wars, wearing my fandom proudly and fashionably.

When I first started this project, I thought I would be relying heavily on fan made items – and while I know there is a huge market out there, I prefer to buy licensed items. I am always excited to find so much apparel for women and wanted to show myself (and others) that licensed women’s Star Wars fashion does exist. The more we buy and proudly wear, the more we can show companies (and Lucasfilm) the demand is there – and to support the brands that do embrace Star Wars fashion for women. For a while I did still buy the occasional children’s or men’s item, but I realized these don’t belong in my wardrobe – they contradict the mission I am on, to fill my wardrobe with women’s Star Wars fashion. So out they go, to make way for more gorgeous Star Wars fashion – goodbye boxy men’s t-shirts, hello cute R2-D2 heels!

Her Universe t-shirt and skirt with accessories Loungefly Darth Vader crossbody bag Vans x Star Wars shoes Loungefly C-3PO coin purse and Han Cholo jewelry Peter Alexander x Star Wars underwear Body Vibe Star Wars logo hoop earrings