New Princess Leia tee at SuperHeroStuff

SuperHeroStuff - women's Princess Leia 'Best Mom' t-shirt

SuperHeroStuff has a new women’s Princess Leia t-shirt available. The women’s light grey t-shirt features a front print of Princess Leia in her classic white outfit from A New Hope, with the text ‘Best Mom In The Galaxy’. Available in sizes S to 3XL, the t-shirt is priced at US$21.99 to US$24.99 each (depending on size) – SuperHeroStuff can ship internationally.

The text reminds me of the tongue in cheek ‘Best Dad’ Darth Vader t-shirts, though this time it’s in reference to Princess Leia and Kylo Ren. It’s a little confusing, as the description on SuperHeroStuff writes –

If you are wearing it, sure, greatest mom in the galaxy but Princess Leia herself? I think if your son murders his father then you may have dropped the ball somewhere…at least a little bit.

Princess Leia ‘Best Mom’ t-shirt – US$21.99 to US$24.99 each – sizes S to 3XL

SuperHeroStuff - women's Princess Leia 'Best Mom' t-shirt SuperHeroStuff - women's Princess Leia 'Best Mom' t-shirt

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