SWCO Women’s Fashion Panel – Part 4

SWCO Women’s Fashion Panel – Part 4

For fans who were not able to attend my Celebration Orlando panel in person, I will be posting the full slideshow and transcript online. Today’s post is part 4 of a 9 part series – stay tuned for a full video of my panel 🙂

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Part 4: Fashion as a form of self-expression

This is a topic that I think about a lot. For many years my thoughts on Star Wars fashion didn’t go beyond much more than the choice of which T-shirt to wear to a local convention. But over the years as my collecting focus has evolved, and the range available has grown, it has taken on another layer of meaning for me. I love that it is an aspect of fandom that you can work into your every day life and is customisable to your own personal style.

Bold Self-Expression

In his book A guide to quality, taste and style, Tim Gunn wrote about dressing for who you are, and it really helped crystallize my own thoughts about Star Wars fashion. When I am introduced to someone, Star Wars always comes up – it is a big part of my life, what I love. What you wear is an extension of your personality, your lifestyle – so it makes a lot of sense to include your fandom passion in your wardrobe.

Star Wars is a part of my daily life so I often find myself is going after the big bold statement pieces such as the jewelry and fashion that really shouts “Yes, I love Star Wars”. Some of my favourites include the logo hoop earrings by Body Vibe, and statement necklaces by Han Cholo and Love And Madness. But it is neat that there is a range available for those fans that prefer a more subtle style jewelry that can be worn to the office, for instance, and no one knows that it is Star Wars except you.

Subtle Self-Expression

Some of my favorite subtle Star Wars jewelry pieces include the Naboo earrings by Her Universe, the Death Star jewelry range by Body Vibe and this cute little Princess Leia necklace by Love and Madness. Whatever your personal style and preference, there is jewelry out there to match it.

With the explosion of Star Wars companies making apparel now there is such a great variety of styles to suit your personal style. No matter your own aesthetic, there is something out there for everyone – whether you go a little more rock ‘n’ roll with bright bold rhinestones and studs, like this studded jacket by Rock & Republic…

…to something a little more floral and softer like this lovely Darth Vader dress by Her Universe. My own style has changed a lot over the years so I love that there is always something Star Wars that I can work into whatever my style is at the time.

What we wear says a lot about who we are whether we realize it or not. For better or for worse, society places a lot of emphasis on visible appearances and first impressions. What we choose to wear on the outside is a reflection of who we are and our personality.

Even if we don’t really know why, we instinctively know what we like, and what we don’t like when shopping for what to wear. For some fans all they want is to just have the bold shouting “I love Star Wars” on their shirt. Much like sports fans with a t-shirt of their favorite team to show their allegiance and where their passions lie. Short, simple, and to the point.

For many of us, Star Wars is more than just a series of movies. Many of the themes, characters and quotes have a deeper meaning and these can be reflected by what you wear. In particular quotes like “May The Force Be With You” and “Do or Do Not There Is No Try” have been positive encouragement for me over the years, like completing my first Run Disney half marathon. Much like getting a meaningful tattoo, Star Wars fashion lets us carry those important words and inspirations with us.

Women's Star Wars 'More Powerful Than You Know' tank top by Mad Engine

There is so much about the themes and characters in the Star Wars universe that are empowering and encouraging. Motivational quotes on workout gear is nothing new – but of course my favorite are the motivational Star Wars quotes on my workout gear. Here the Star Wars apparel takes on more than just a fandom t-shirt… it helps influence our day-to-day life. Star Wars makes me feel happy, so wearing Star Wars fashion is a fun way to add that joy to every day.

But what if your work life doesn’t allow for Star Wars fashion, such as if you wear a uniform, or have a formal dress code at the office? Just as women’s lingerie often gives us a sense of strength and empowerment, you can do the same with Star Wars underwear. It is that little rebellious touch to an outfit that only you know is there and reminds you through the day of who you are. Nothing like lacy Star Wars underwear under your work uniform for a bit of Star Wars positivity in your day.

To be continued in Part 5: Female and prequel character representation.