Force Of Fashion article – Queen Amidala

Queen Amidala - Theed Throne Room Gown inspired fashion

A recent addition to the columns at, the latest Force Of Fashion article came out yesterday. Written by Catrina Dennis, the Force Of Fashion articles feature costumes from the Star Wars galaxy, as well as real world Star Wars fashion.

Force of Fashion focuses on all things wearable in a galaxy far, far away — and right here at home! — with behind-the-scenes studies on some of the most iconic costumes of the saga, and the biggest highlights in Star Wars fashion today.

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In this article, Catrina writes about Queen Amidala’s throne room gown from Episode I. This is by far one of my favourite costumes from the entire Star Wars saga – affectionately known in my house as ‘the ladybug’, in reference to the shape of the lights on the dress. I am slowly and carefully working on this costume for myself, and keeping spare supplies aside to create a few inspired items for my everyday wardrobe. From carefully tracing and scaling the full embroidery pattern, to vac-forming the plastic light shapes, I am learning a lot and slowly improving my skills as I work on this labour of love.

Sadly I have not had the opportunity to see the original costume in person – though my husband and daughter have! In 2012 my daughter won a nationwide competition to visit Skywalker Ranch, where the costume was on display to promote the release of Episode 1 in 3D.

Skywalker Ranch - Queen Amidala costume on display

I am frustrated at the lack of women’s Star Wars fashion inspired by Queen Amidala’s costumes, which I wrote about in an earlier post here. Just recently, I shared a gorgeous Elhoffer Design dress inspired by the ‘Loyalist Committee’ gown Padme’ wears in Episode II – and it wasn’t surprising to see the great response! The huge number of visitors to that page tells me that I’m not alone in loving (and wanting) Padme’ inspired fashion, though it doesn’t surprise me to see that it is largely fans creating Padme’ fashion, not licensed companies.

In a similar spirit to the recent Prequel Appreciation Day, I would love to see a ‘Padme’ Appreciation Day’, where fans wear/create items in honour of the important Star Wars character and her amazing wardrobe. There are some great ‘Disney Bounding’ style Queen Amidala inspired looks on Polyvore – if you’ve put together an inspired look or created a custom outfit, please share! I was really excited to see these two fan made Queen Amidala outfits at Celebration Anaheim – aren’t they amazing?!

Celebration Anaheim - fan made Queen Amidala inspired fashion Celebration Anaheim - fan made Queen Amidala inspired fashion

Queen Amidala - Theed Throne Room Gown inspired fashion