Rogue One is finally here!

Bioworld x Rogue One Rebel clutch, and Rock Rebel x Star Wars Rebel Alliance necklace

Today’s the day, Rogue One is finally here! My husband and I have tickets to the invite-only press screening tonight here in New Zealand, which is very exciting! Then afterwards, we’ll be seeing it again at midnight with friends, of course 🙂

I’ll update this post soon with some non-spoiler thoughts – I am really looking forward to finally seeing Jyn Erso on screen! It is such an exciting era to be a female Star Wars fan, with these new lead characters. As I’ve always been more on the side of the Rebel Alliance than the Empire, I know who I’ll be cheering on – my Bioworld x Rogue One Rebel clutch finally arrived this morning, just in time for the movie!

Update –

Just back from my first viewing – I loved it! Absolutely loved it! It’s hard to process my thoughts, and I’m already eager to see it again at midnight.