New Rey Rebel bag at Box Lunch

Rey Rebel bag available at Box Lunch

This new Rey themed bag is now available at Box Lunch. The bag design is inspired by the X-Wing pilot helmet Rey wears at her home on Jakku. The bag has blue and orange printed designs – Rebel Alliance symbol on the front, a ‘sliced onion’ design on the back (as seen on Rebel helmets). Both sides feature orange and blue applique’ stripes. The front also features a gold-tone chain with decorative pendants of BB-8 and the text ‘Scavenger’. The black shoulder strap is adjustable with a buckle.

The Aurebesh text on the front reads ‘Ræh’ – the helmet once belonged to Captain Dosmit Ræh.

When you’re scavenging for scrap metal you’re going to need somewhere to put it. This rebellion inspired crossbody bag is just the place. Featuring an orange and blue design reminiscent of both Rey and BB-8, it’ll have you looking stylish while you search.

Usually priced at US$49.90 each, the bag is currently on sale for only US$34.93 in a 30% off online sale. Box Lunch can ship internationally, which is great.

Rey Rebel bag – US$49.90 each

Rey Rebel bag available at Box Lunch Rey Rebel bag available at Box Lunch

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