Review – Vader crossbody bag

As soon as I saw the Loungefly Darth Vader crossbody bag in preview photos, I knew I had to have it. I already have several Darth Vader items from the collection, but the 3D sculpts are a particular favourite of mine – very unique compare to other traditionally shaped handbags. As Loungefly doesn’t ship outside the US, I bought mine from Modern PinUp – their usual price is US$48.00, but I paid US$40.80 during a 15% off sale.

Loungefly - Darth Vader crossbody bag (front) Loungefly - Darth Vader crossbody bag (back) Loungefly - Darth Vader crossbody bag (interior)

The bag is made from molded silicone, in the classic shape of Darth Vader’s helmet. The bag measures approximately 19cm high and 18.5cm wide. The back is flat, with a slightly raised Star Wars logo. The bag opens with black plastic zip, the zipper pull is silver metal stamped with the Loungefly logo. Inside the bag is lined with the same Star Wars logo printed black fabric used thoughout the collection, with one interior fabric pocket. The adjustable shoulder strap was a bit stiff from being packaged folded up, but loosens up with use. Because the strap is removable, there is the option of attaching a different style of strap (or even making your own) to the side clips if you prefer. I really like the clips they used, nice and sturdy without being too heavy.

I also have the earlier coin purse version (reviewed here), so it was interesting to compare the two side by side. I was wondering if I would need to keep both – but the difference in size makes them great for different occasions. These aren’t ‘every day’ bags (neither of them can fit a standard women’s wallet), but the shape wouldn’t work for large bags. It’s a fantastic bag, definitely one of my favourite Star Wars handbags I’ve ever seen.

Loungefly - Darth Vader crossbody bag (front) Loungefly - Darth Vader crossbody bag (back) Loungefly - Darth Vader crossbody bag/coin purse comparison