Mail Call – Her Universe Ahsoka Dress & More

Her Universe - Ahsoka Tano Dress

Today’s mail call video features two items from Her Universe – the gorgeous Ahsoka Tano dress and Lightsaber shirt! I wish I could afford all the Ahsoka fashion, but alas, my wallet doesn’t allow it. When I first saw this dress, I knew instantly it belonged in my wardrobe. And lightsabers? Yes please!

Please note – this video was recorded a few months ago, but I got so caught up with reorganising my studio room, I didn’t get around to editing/uploading the video until now. I had a lot of fun unboxing these, so I wanted to share my Star Wars fashion joy.

Check out the full video here –

Sadly, Her Universe does not ship Star Wars apparel to where I live (they are quite restrictive with international shipping in general), so thankfully I have an wonderful friend in the US who can help me out from time to time. She was able to grab two items from Her Universe, and two items from Galaxy’s Edge for me.

First up, the Her Universe Ahsoka Tano dress!

Her Universe - Ahsoka Tano Dress

This isn’t just a long t-shirt, it’s a dress – with pockets! The print features artwork by Danny Haas, who has done so many amazing Ahsoka Tano prints, including a few that have been used on t-shirts – and now finally there’s a dress! I do love a good Star Wars t-shirt (one might say it’s an addiction…) but I’m always in need of more Star Wars dresses.

When I look at this dress, it reminds me of the way I felt when I first saw the BlackMilk Clothing Yoda t-shirt dress – it just pulled at my heart. You know what I mean? When you first see that garment and instantly see yourself rocking it with a complete outfit already in your mind… yeah. I can’t order from Her Universe often, because exchange rates and international shipping rates suck, but this dress was worth it.

Her Universe - Ahsoka Tano Dress

Next up, the unisex Lightsaber button-up shirt by Our Universe. I’m not usually drawn to unisex designs, because they tend to be more boxy and larger sized fit, but I just loved the lightsaber print so much. Honestly, put lightsabers and fashion together and I’m hooked. Not sure how I’m going to style this shirt yet – done up with jeans, or worn open over a t-shirt… a few options to play with.

Her Universe - Lightsaber Shirt

I know print placement will always vary with mass market apparel, but I always hope to randomly get a good print placement. My shirt has two rows of matching Darth Vader lightsabers down the front, which at first kinda bugged me, but it’s sort of grown on me now. Those front two rows are completely matched up, so at least it isn’t wonky, and it does draw the eye in a fun way. What do you think? Would it annoy you or is it fine?

Her Universe - Lightsaber Shirt

Also included in this parcel was two little items from Galaxy’s Edge – an adorable plush Princess Leia doll, and a replica of Han Solo’s dice. Due to travel restrictions, I have yet to make the journey to Galaxy’s Edge, so these little collectibles are just a little bit of Disney park magic to keep with me until I can visit some day.

I had a lot of fun unboxing this mini haul of Star Wars fashion and collectibles – I am just blown away by the gorgeous Ahsoka Tano dress! As always I’ll have more in-depth reviews of the fashion on the blog soon, but thanks for letting me geek out with my first impressions unboxing.

May the Force be with you!