JAM HOME MADE x Star Wars – part 3

JAM HOME MADE x Star Wars – part 3

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In February last year, Japanese accessory brand JAM HOME MADE released their first Star Wars collection, followed by a second collection release in August. While I recently posted about their third collection release (like these cool lightsaber bead bracelets and necklaces!), I wanted to go back and have a look at their earlier collections. I absolutely love the whole range, especially with the prominent use of lightsabers in their designs. While it appears JAM HOME MADE does not ship outside Japan, there are resellers on eBay, with more than 50 items currently available – check them out here. I have also found some on this website for less, which appears to let international customers buy direct from Japan, but I’m not familiar with this website/service.

Due to their huge range, today’s post is the third in the series about JAM HOME MADE x Star Wars accessories – you can also check out part 1 and part 2.

View the full range currently available direct from JAM HOME MADE

The older range includes a variety of bangles – most feature Star Wars text, while one even features AT-AT’s! The quotes include the famous ‘May The Force Be With You’, available on two bangle styles, and Yoda’s teaching ‘A Jedi Uses The Force For Knowledge And Defense, Never Attack’. I find it quite interesting that these quotes are used in their English form, not translated into Japanese for their market. The prices range from ¥ 70,200 to ¥ 162,000 each – which is approximately US$649.90 to US$1,499.78 each. I’m a huge fan of bangles and bracelets – I would wear every single one of these designs!

jamhomemade_atatbangle1 jamhomemade_atatbangle2 jamhomemade_atatbangle3 jamhomemade_atatbangle4

jamhomemade_mtfbwymessagebangle4 jamhomemade_mtfbwymessagebangle1 jamhomemade_mtfbwymessagebangle3 jamhomemade_mtfbwymessagebangle2

jamhomemade_jedimessagebangle1 jamhomemade_jedimessagebangle2 jamhomemade_jedimessagebangle3 jamhomemade_jedimessagebangle4

jamhomemade_mtfbwymessageslimbangle1 jamhomemade_mtfbwymessageslimbangle2 jamhomemade_mtfbwymessageslimbangle3 jamhomemade_mtfbwymessageslimbangle4

The range also includes rings that coordinate with the above bangles. There are two quote-themed rings, one in a silver finish, the other is gold plated – they both feature the classic Star Wars quote – ‘May The Force Be With You’. The third ring features AT-AT’s – I love the added detail of some falling forward like the one we see on Hoth! I’m unfamiliar with Japanese ring sizes, but these rings are available in assorted size ranges between size 7 to size 21. The prices range from ¥ 11,880 to ¥ 16,200 each, which is approximately US$109.96 to US$149.95 each.

  • Star Wars message ring – ¥ 11,880 each (made from sterling silver, germanium and gold plated) – sizes 7, 9, 11, 13.
  • Star Wars message ring – ¥ 12,960 each (made from sterling silver, germanium) – sizes 15, 17, 19, 21, 23.
  • Star Wars AT-AT ring – ¥ 16,200 each (made from sterling silver) – sizes 13, 15, 17, 19, 21.

jamhomemade_mtfbwygoldring1 jamhomemade_mtfbwygoldring2 jamhomemade_mtfbwygoldring3 jamhomemade_mtfbwygoldring4

jamhomemade_mtfbwysilverring1 jamhomemade_mtfbwysilverring2 jamhomemade_mtfbwysilverring3 jamhomemade_mtfbwysilverring4

jamhomemade_atatring1 jamhomemade_atatring2 jamhomemade_atatring3 jamhomemade_atatring4

Last but not least, we have some awesome necklaces! There are 7 necklaces from the earlier collections, in addition to the bead lightsaber and Star Wars logo necklaces that were just recently released. There are 4 lightsaber-themed necklaces – three necklaces each feature one singular hilt pendant, while the fourth necklaces features all three pendants! There are also three rectangular-pendants – one features the text ‘May The Force Be With You’ written around the edge, so it’s very subtle when worn! The other two each feature a Star Wars symbol – Rebel Alliance ‘starbird’ and the Imperial ‘cog’, together with Japanese text.

jamhomemade_darthvaderlightsabernecklace1 jamhomemade_darthvaderlightsabernecklace2 jamhomemade_darthvaderlightsabernecklace3 jamhomemade_darthvaderlightsabernecklace4

jamhomemade_lukeskywalkerlightsabernecklace1 jamhomemade_lukeskywalkerlightsabernecklace2 jamhomemade_lukeskywalkerlightsabernecklace3 jamhomemade_lukeskywalkerlightsabernecklace4

jamhomemade_masteryodalightsabernecklace1 jamhomemade_masteryodalightsabernecklace2 jamhomemade_masteryodalightsabernecklace3 jamhomemade_masteryodalightsabernecklace4

jamhomemade_lightsaber3piecenecklace1 jamhomemade_lightsaber3piecenecklace2 jamhomemade_lightsaber3piecenecklace3 jamhomemade_lightsaber3piecenecklace4

jamhomemade_mtfbwymessagenecklace1 jamhomemade_mtfbwymessagenecklace2 jamhomemade_mtfbwymessagenecklace3 jamhomemade_mtfbwymessagenecklace4

jamhomemade_rebelalliancenecklace1 jamhomemade_rebelalliancenecklace2 jamhomemade_rebelalliancenecklace3 jamhomemade_rebelalliancenecklace4

jamhomemade_galacticempirenecklace1 jamhomemade_galacticempirenecklace2 jamhomemade_galacticempirenecklace3 jamhomemade_galacticempirenecklace4

In addition to the jewelry, JAM HOME MADE has also made a black women’s zip-up wallet. The black leather wallet features an embossed print featuring Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. This item is now sold out directly from JAM HOME MADE, so I’m not sure if there were any colour variations (I’ve only been able to find this black version). The wallet retailed for ¥ 32,400 each, which is approximately US$299.75 each.

Star Wars zip long wallet – ¥ 32,400 each (made from leather, metal).

jamhomemade_ziplongwallet1 jamhomemade_ziplongwallet2 jamhomemade_ziplongwallet3 jamhomemade_ziplongwallet4

Photos sourced from and belong to JAM HOME MADE.