JAM HOME MADE x Star Wars – part 2

JAM HOME MADE x Star Wars – part 2

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In February last year, Japanese accessory brand JAM HOME MADE released their first Star Wars collection, followed by a second collection release in August. While I recently posted about their third collection release (like these cool lightsaber bead bracelets and necklaces!), I wanted to go back and have a look at their earlier collections. I absolutely love the whole range, especially with the prominent use of lightsabers in their designs. While it appears JAM HOME MADE does not ship outside Japan, there are resellers on eBay, with more than 50 items currently available – check them out here. I have also found some on this website for less, which appears to let international customers buy direct from Japan, but I’m not familiar with this website/service.

View the full range currently available direct from JAM HOME MADE

The first item I ever came across from the JAM HOME MADE x Star Wars collection was this Death Star bead bracelet – I really love the mix of polished stones, they add a little ‘planetary’ touch to the bracelet. The other bead bracelets focus on droid characters – C-3PO and R2-D2 of course, but they also include lesser known astromechs R2-M5 (red) and R2-A6 (green), which is neat to see. Each bracelet measures approximately 18cm in length, and features one detail bead, together with colour-coordinating beads. These bead bracelets are priced at ¥ 10,800 each, which is approximately US$99.99 each.

jam jamhomemade_deathstarbeadbracelet2 jamhomemade_deathstarbeadbracelet4 jamhomemade_deathstarbeadbracelet3

jamhomemade_c3pobeadbracelet1 jamhomemade_c3pobeadbracelet2 jamhomemade_c3pobeadbracelet4 jamhomemade_c3pobeadbracelet3

jamhomemade_r2d2beadbracelet1 jamhomemade_r2d2beadbracelet2 jamhomemade_r2d2beadbracelet3 jamhomemade_r2d2beadbracelet4

jamhomemade_r2m5beadbracelet1 jamhomemade_r2m5beadbracelet2 jamhomemade_r2m5beadbracelet3 jamhomemade_r2m5beadbracelet4

jamhomemade_r2a6beadbracelet1 jamhomemade_r2a6beadbracelet2 jamhomemade_r2a6beadbracelet3 jamhomemade_r2a6beadbracelet4

Next up are the amazing Lightsaber bangles! Like the recently released bead lightsaber bracelets, the bangles come in three designs/colours – Darth Vader (red), Luke Skywalker (blue), and Master Yoda (green). These are very similar in design to the Han Cholo x Star Wars Vader saber cuff, except these are rounded, not flat-backed, and use colour rather than gold for the blade. Each bangle measures approximately 19cm ‘around’ – which, I believe from the translation, that the measurement includes the ‘gap’, so it is the total circumference. The lightsaber bangles are priced at ¥ 32,400 each, which is approximately US$299.92 each.

jamhomemade_redlightsaberbangle1 jamhomemade_redlightsaberbangle2 jamhomemade_redlightsaberbangle4 jamhomemade_redlightsaberbangle3

jamhomemade_bluelightsaberbangle1 jamhomemade_bluelightsaberbangle2 jamhomemade_bluelightsaberbangle3 jamhomemade_bluelightsaberbangle4

jamhomemade_greenlightsaberbangle1 jamhomemade_greenlightsaberbangle2 jamhomemade_greenlightsaberbangle3 jamhomemade_greenlightsaberbangle4

There are also matching lightsaber rings, again featuring three designs – Darth Vader (red), Luke Skywalker (blue), and Master Yoda (green). Like the bangles, these are made from silver and are rounded, not flat backed. I’m not familar with ring sizes listed on the JAM HOME MADE website, but these rings are available in sizes 15, 17, 19, 21, and 23. The lightsaber rings are priced at ¥ 14,040 each, which is approximately US$130.02 each.

jamhomemade_redlightsaberring1 jamhomemade_redlightsaberring2 jamhomemade_redlightsaberring3 jamhomemade_redlightsaberrin4

jamhomemade_bluelightsaberring1 jamhomemade_bluelightsaberring2 jamhomemade_bluelightsaberring3 jamhomemade_bluelightsaberring4

jamhomemade_greenlightsaberring1 jamhomemade_greenlightsaberring3 jamhomemade_greenlightsaberring2 jamhomemade_greenlightsaberring4

Photos sourced from and belong to JAM HOME MADE.