The Galaxy has lost a Princess

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Today, the galaxy has lost a princess – our beloved Carrie Fisher has passed away. Upon reading the news, I just froze, unable to process it, and then the tears came. She has had an immeasurable impact on my life, and I am very fortunate to have been able to meet her on several occasions.

Meeting Carrie Fisher at DragonCon 2011 Meeting Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill at Celebration Anaheim 2015

Today has been so very hard. It feels like loosing a close family member – Princess Leia has been such a big part of my life, and it hurts so much to think about Carrie no longer being with us. When getting a photo with Carrie and Mark at Celebration Anaheim last year, we not-so-jokingly called it our family photo.

Carrie Fisher autograph Carrie Fisher autograph

I was interviewed by a few local news outlets today, and it was a struggle not to break down while talking. It was an honour to be asked to talk about Carrie and her impact on my life. Both on-screen and off-screen, she has been a role model and hero for so many, and it is with such sadness we now face a world without her.

Farewell Carrie, thank you for being my Princess.


Women's Princess Leia t-shirts