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Loungefly x Star Wars Princess Leia Tote Bag and Wallet
Forever Our Princess

Today’s Cantina Chatter article is a little different, but something I’ve wanted to get into writing about more – sharing my favourites from my Star Wars wardrobe. To celebrate Carrie Fisher’s birthday this week, I’ll be sharing my favourite Princess Leia bags and wallets.

I have been collecting Star Wars merchandise for years, starting with action figures. Of course I couldn’t stop there, and now my house is full of collectibles, from Lego mini figures to full-size statues. Princess Leia has always been a particular collecting focus of mine, and that follows through to my wardrobe as well.

This isn’t a complete list of all the Princess Leia bags that have been made, but these are my favourites from my own collection.

First off, let’s start with the most recent additions to my Princess Leia bag collection – the Loungefly Princess Leia Hoth mini backpack and wallet. Loungefly have been making character-themed mini backpacks for a while, and I was waiting and hoping they would include Princess Leia in their range. It was exciting to see that Loungefly chose her Hoth outfit to feature first, not a common choice.

Of course white probably isn’t the most practical choice for a backpack that gets worn against clothes and put on the ground, but I don’t care. White is Leia’s colour, and I’m glad to see Loungefly is making more. This upcoming white Rebel handbag set definitely feels Leia-inspired, and I need it!

I really like that the matching wallet is designed as a wristlet – I don’t like hiding Leia wallets inside a bag, they deserve to be showed off!

Carrie’s birthday coincided with our local Armageddon Expo convention last year, so I was determined to find some Princess Leia merch to take home. My first purchase was this gorgeous Loungefly Princess Leia tote bag and wallet.

Princess Leia most often gets featured alongside all the other hero characters rather than on her own, so I love that she gets her moment in the spotlight here. The design is created in faux leather with applique’ and embroidered details, it is just beautiful. I don’t use large tote bags often, but I love it anyway – fingers crossed Loungefly create more Leia designs like this!

Loungefly x Star Wars Princess Leia Tote Bag and Wallet

Of course I adore Leia’s classic white dress, but I do enjoy seeing her other outfits featured in Star Wars fashion. When Heroes & Villains released their Endor collection, their range included a handbag and wallet inspired by Leia’s Ewok Village dress! Just looking at this bag makes me want to grow my hair long like Leia so I can put together an everyday cosplay look to match.

This set is also fantastic if you love to collect ewok-themed apparel. I have a bit of a soft spot for ewoks, so I have some fun outfit options to pair with this bag.

Heroes And Villains x Star Wars Princess Leia Handbag and Wallet

As an international traveller, I can only fit so much in my suitcase when coming home from Star Wars Celebration. When Heroes & Villains revealed this bag at Celebration Chicago, I knew I had to have it, not matter what it took to get it to fit in my luggage. I threw out some old shoes and spare clothes to get this home – totally worth it! It really is a stunning handbag.

The Princess Leia theme for this bag is a little more minimal than others, but it still counts. The Rebel Alliance symbol is often used on Princess Leia items, as she is so strongly associated with the Rebellion. The intertwined design resembles the ring she wears as General Leia in the sequel trilogy, and it makes me think of her love for Han Solo.

Heroes And Villains x Star Wars Princess Leia Handbag and Wallet

I don’t usually buy backpacks – I just don’t use them. When State Bags released a Star Wars collection a few years ago, I was so excited to see Princess Leia was featured on not one, but two bags! These were expensive for me to get from the US, and I’ll probably never use the backpack, but I don’t care, it’s just so pretty.

I love that State featured original artwork of Leia, which includes her different outfits from the original trilogy. I wish State made apparel too, just so I could get more fashion with this gorgeous print! Like a dress or a jacket, that would have been amazing.

State Bags x Star Wars Princess Leia Backpack and Clutch

It’s probably intended for kids, but I don’t care – I had to have this pretty Princess Leia tin purse. The beaded handle is so sparkly, and I love the bold pink design. I haven’t used this purse yet, and probably won’t – it sits on display on my shelf instead, where I can admire it everyday.

Star Wars Princess Leia Tin Purse

Last but not least, this cute chibi Princess Leia coin purse by Loungefly. When it comes to Loungefly coin purses, they make some really great cute designs, but the ‘human’ characters don’t get featured much – it’s usually droids or creatures. As soon as I saw that they had made a Leia coin purse, I bought it instantly. I love that it has a clip so you can hang it on the outside of your handbag to show off proudly, rather than hide her inside.

Loungefly x Star Wars Princess Leia Coin Purse

Of course there are also some gorgeous fan-made Princess Leia handbags! In particular, Etsy seller Benae Quee has made some truly gorgeous Leia bags that I’m desperate to get my hands on one day!

What is your favourite Princess Leia handbag? What would your dream Leia inspired handbag look like?

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Forever Our Princess
Loungefly x Star Wars Princess Leia Tote Bag and Wallet