SWCO Women’s Fashion Panel – Part 10 – Video

Star Wars Celebration Orlando panel - The Growing Galaxy of Women's Star Wars Fashion video

For fans who were not able to attend my Celebration Orlando panel in person, I have been posting the full slideshow and transcript online. Today’s post is part 10 of a 10 part series – full video!

You can read the full panel transcript in a 9 part series here.

Aside from a few costume competitions over the years, this is the first time I have been on stage in front of a large audience – and certainly the first time I have given a presentation! I was very nervous (and running on adrenaline after staying up all night queueing for the 40th Anniversary panel, woo!), but also excited and honored to be given the opportunity to highlight an area of Star Wars fandom I am so passionate about.

I would like to thank my husband Matt for his wonderful photography, and the Collecting Track volunteers for all their help and support! And of course, a huge thank you to all who attended my panel or just shared the word – thank you all!

I hope you all enjoyed this series! 🙂

Video sourced from and belongs to Tommy Garvey.