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Princess Leia inspired jewelry by Body Vibe
Forever Our Princess

Today’s Cantina Chatter article continues a new series of feature articles – sharing my favourites from my Star Wars wardrobe. To celebrate Carrie Fisher’s birthday this week, I’ll be sharing my favourite Princess Leia themed jewelry.

A few years ago, this list would have only had a handful of items, but since then, the range of Star Wars jewelry has really grown. I do think there should be more Leia-themed jewelry, it’s frustrating to see a lead female character often being left out of Star Wars fashion designed for female fans.

This isn’t a complete list of all the Princess Leia jewelry that has been made, but these are my favourites from my own collection.

First up, the General Leia replica ring by Body Vibe. There is something about wearing this ring that makes me a little emotional, like following in Carrie’s footsteps. I’ve read similar comments from other fans – there is something special and unique about this ring. As soon as I saw it in The Force Awakens, I really hoped there would be a version fans could buy, it was such a stand-out design.

There are quite a few fan-made and unlicensed versions out there, but I really like the fine detail of this licensed version by Body Vibe.

Body Vibe x Star Wars General Leia Organa replica ring

This is not exactly an everyday jewelry item, but a neat addition to a General Leia themed outfit – the tracking beacon bracelet from The Last Jedi. Both Leia and Rey wear this bracelet, as a way of staying connected across the galaxy, so wearing this feels like I’m connected to my heroines too.

The original prop version has a cord band, but this metal bracelet style makes it feel more like jewelry, and it’s a fun accessory.

This necklace was sold by ThinkGeek, and I’m so glad I got it as I haven’t seen it since. It features two circular pendants – the first has a cut-out of Leia’s hair bun silhouette, while the second features the text ‘May The Force Be With You’.

The pendants sit over each other while wearing, or you can take one off and wear either one on their own. A simple but neat Princess Leia design – though I sort of wish the second pendant featured the Rebel symbol instead? I love it though, I wish it was still available.

Star Wars Princess Leia Stacked Pendants Necklace at ThinkGeek

While Princess Leia has always been associated with hope, her appearance in Rogue One cemented it. Jewelry brand Lillian & Co are all about messages of inspiration, so the simple word ‘Hope’ was a perfect design for their Star Wars inspired collection. I love wearing this bracelet and seeing that message throughout my day.

This gorgeous bracelet is currently still available in two colour choices (silver or gold) – this is a discontinued design, so don’t wait to grab it on sale before it’s gone for good. The finish on this bracelet is just beautiful.

Lillian & Co Star Wars Princess Leia Hope Silver Tone Finish Bracelet

I love random convention finds that make you squeal out loud – this Princess Leia leather cuff bracelet was one of my favourite finds at Celebration Anaheim. The seller Legendary Costume Works creates amazing Star Wars leather costume belts, and I love that they also craft accessories like this and other Star Wars inspired cuff bracelets.

I’ve loved the Alex And Ani x Disney bracelets for years, but as my focus is of course Star Wars fashion, I held back from buying one. So of course I was very excited when they started making Star Wars bracelets too! My first Alex And Ani bracelet was the Princess Leia design, in antique silver – though I do wish they had made this in a shiny silver-finish instead. A minor criticism, but I am very happy Leia got her own design – a matching necklace would be amazing!

I wore velvet chokers quite often when I was younger, and I still have a soft spot for them. This Princess Leia cameo pendant is hung from a black velvet choker – it’s nice to have a variation beyond standard chain necklaces. I also like that this design features a photo of Carrie Fisher, so it feels like a neat tribute to her as well as Leia.

Loungefly doesn’t really advertise that they make jewelry, so every once in a while I’ll get an item in the mail, like this one, thinking it was made by a different brand, only to find out it’s Loungefly!

Even though the pendant is quite big, I find myself wearing it quite a lot. The pendant originally came on a long silver chain, but I think it looks better when I wear it higher up so it doesn’t bounce and flip around. I took the pendant off the chain, and wear it on a silver-tone metal necklace wire hoop instead. I’ve worn this pendant so much, the Star Wars logo on the back is wearing off. It came out quite a few years ago now, I wish they would re-issue it (so I can buy a backup).

I’m not usually a fan of ‘dog tag’ style necklaces, but I made an exception for this Princess Leia design. I spotted this necklace during a trip to Disneyland a few years ago, and of course I had to get it. It’s not the most sophisticated jewelry design, especially on a cheaper ball-chain style necklace, but it’s very different to most other Leia necklaces available – so for that, I like it.

I know gumball-style necklaces are often designed for kids, but there are some really cute designs! During a regular Etsy search, I came across this cute Princess Leia necklace by Little Black Bow. They don’t sell this design anymore, but there are other similar designs available on Etsy. I just love the Leia pendant, with sparkly rhinestone accents for her hair and belt.

Love And Madness sadly don’t make Star Wars jewelry anymore, but I was so happy their range included this pretty Princess Leia necklace. While so many brands simply ignore the face characters, it was great to see a cute emoji-style pendant design that was stylish but still evidently Princess Leia. I wish they had made more Star Wars jewelry featuring this design, like their split bangles and charm bracelets.

I probably spend a little too much time browsing Etsy – I can’t keep up with my wish list! One item that I did get around to getting was these adorable Princess Leia wooden stud earrings. Sadly the seller doesn’t seem to make these anymore, so I’m glad I got them when I did.

As you can see, they also feature the emoji-style Princess Leia design. I wish Love And Madness had made matching earrings for their necklace, but at least I have these cute little wooden versions.

I think these Chainbreaker Princess Leia earrings are made by Bioworld, but to be honest I’m not sure, as the backing card didn’t include any company information. Either way, I think they’re fun – it would be really cool if this was part of a range/set that featured all of Leia’s costumes! Maybe one day… and Padme’ Amidala too! So many options…

Technically this Rebel Alliance symbol necklace isn’t Princess Leia themed, but for me it is, and I wear it with so many Leia themed outfits. Princess Leia’s outfits from A New Hope are white with silver accents – her belt with her classic white senatorial dress, and her belt, shoes, and jewelry with her ceremonial dress. So whenever I think of Princess Leia themed jewelry, I think of silver (of course for General Leia, she tends to wear gold instead).

Body Vibe have made so many beautiful Star Wars jewelry items over the years, but this is the one necklace from my entire jewelry collection I wear the most. Classic, stylish, goes with just about every outfit – to me it represents Leia and Hope. I really love it – and I have the matching earrings too.

Last but not least, my Lapponia ‘Darina’s’ Sterling Silver bracelet. This is the same design that Carrie Fisher wore during the medal ceremony in A New Hope, paired with the famous ‘Planetoid Valleys’ necklace. Mine is an original 1977 piece, but due to popularity and demand, Lapponia has brought back both the necklace and bracelet. The necklace is one of my absolute dream pieces, hopefully one day I will get to own one.

Lapponia - 'Darina's' silver bracelet as worn by Princess Leia in A New Hope
Forever Our Princess

What is your favourite Princess Leia jewelry piece? What would your dream Leia inspired jewelry item look like?

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Princess Leia inspired jewelry by Body Vibe