Review – Bioworld ring set

Recently I picked up a few items from Spencers, including a Star Wars ring set made by Bioworld. The set includes three metal adjustable rings featuring Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Stormtrooper. The bands are wider than I expected, measuring approximately 20mm across (compared to vintage ring diameters of approximately… View Post

Review – ROTJ leg warmers

Today’s review item probably won’t be a regular part of my wardrobe, but it’s such a fun vintage item I needed to have a pair. For Return of the Jedi in 1983 the company ‘Sales Corporation of America’ made several styles of knitted Star Wars leg warmers! Originally a dance wear item,… View Post

Review – Bioworld Stormtrooper earrings

I actually picked these up some time ago, but I’m keen to review older purchases as well, for my own records. Made by Bioworld, the earrings measure approximately 2cm high, with metal ‘butterfly’ backings. The white parts are recessed and enamelled, giving a glossy look like a stormtrooper helmet. They are very… View Post

Review – Loungefly R2-D2 handbag

A much anticipated purchase just arrived in the mail, and I couldn’t wait to review it. It was several months ago that the first preview images of the Loungefly range were floating around on-line, which included the R2-D2 handbag – I knew I had to have it. The first wave… View Post

Review – Comic print leggings

Today’s item features not one but two classic Marvel Star Wars comic covers! These leggings are made by We Love Fine, and feature the covers of Marvel Star Wars series issues #23 ‘Flight Into Fury’ and #27 ‘Return Of The Hunter’. Both covers are by Carmine Infantino, though they have… View Post

Review – Forever 21 R2 top

Today’s review item continues the theme of Star Wars apparel featuring classic Marvel comic art – a Star Wars crop top from Forever 21. It features a panel from Marvel’s Star Wars comic series, issue #37 from July 1980, art by Carmine Infantino. The print uses the one panel of R2-D2 in black… View Post

Review – ESB Hi-Lo tank top

After reacquiring the license, Marvel Comics have just released the first issue of their new Star Wars comic series (grabbed my copy of course), so I thought I’d review a few items in my wardrobe that feature classic Marvel Star Wars artwork. A little while ago I picked up the Empire Strikes… View Post

Review – Goldie Darth Vader dress

I knew after receiving my first order of We Love Fine x Goldie Star Wars items that I’d be drawn back for more. My latest purchase from the collection is the ‘Darth Strikes Back’ dress, a black skater dress styled after Darth Vader. It features the same mesh back as… View Post

Character necklaces by Adam Joseph

For Return of the Jedi, the Star Wars jewelry license was held by Adam Joseph Inc. While the ‘text’ necklaces are easier to find, they also made a range of sculpted character necklaces. According to Collectors Archive, there were five gold tone necklaces fearturing C-3PO, R2-D2, Royal Guard, Wicket and… View Post

Review – Metallic droid wristlet wallet

I love finding new Star Wars accessories by accident. While shopping for Rock Rebel Star Wars wallets on ebay, I came across this fantastic metallic wristlet wallet by Bioworld. Made from metallic faux leather, it features embossed images of C-3PO on the gold side, and R2-D2 on the silver side.… View Post