Review – Star Wars bead charms

I recently picked up a Star Wars bead charm set from Thinkgeek. I chose the dangle R2-D2, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader beads, together with the black leather bracelet. These bead charms are exclusive to Thinkgeek, and are made by SalesOne LLC, part of the Body Vibe x Star Wars collection. I paid US$25.99 for the bracelet, and US$39.99 for the pack of three beads – the set is usually US$59.99, but Thinkgeek had a short sale on certain items so I made use of the discount.

The bead charms came on individual backing cards, the same style as the Jedi Order earrings packaging, featuring the SalesOne LLC information on the back. The charm beads will fit Pandora style bracelets, a popular style for accessories (I already own a Pandora bracelet) so I was excited when I saw Thinkgeek advertise licensed Star Wars charm beads. They are made from 316L surgical stainless steel, the Darth Vader and Stormtooper charms have ‘(c) LFL S Steel’ printed on the back, the text is very subtle so you won’t see it unless looking closely. The Darth Vader/stormtrooper charms measure approximately 13mm tall, whie the R2-D2 measures 16mm tall (or 28mm including the dangle bead). The dangle portion of R2-D2’s bead has ‘R2D2’ in Aurebesh font twice, a neat touch. The sculpts on all three are nice and detailed, they look great.

Thinkgeek - Body Vibe Darth Vader charm bead Thinkgeek - Body Vibe dangle R2-D2 charm bead Thinkgeek - Body Vibe Stormtrooper charm bead

I chose the black leather bracelet from Thinkgeek to pair with these bead charms. It isn’t pictured on Thinkgeek’s Star Wars bead charm page, and only a small image on the European charm page, which is a little frustrating. It is not part of the Body Vibe collection, instead made by a company called Pugster. The bracelet came packaged in a nice black gift box with padding and brand tag. The bracelet measures approximately 73cm long, with the clasps adding another 2.5cm. The clasps are two ‘lobster claw’ style clasps joined to each other, so you can unclip them from either end of the bracelet to add/remove beads. The bracelet is designed to be worn wrapped several times around the wrist – but it’s length means it can also be worn as a necklace. This is a great set, I’m really happy to add it to my wardrobe.

Thinkgeek - Body Vibe Star Wars bead charms Thinkgeek - black leather charm bracelet Thinkgeek - leather bracelet and Star Wars bead charms