Star Wars Print T-Shirts By Squadron Goals

These cute Star Wars all-over print t-shirts are available from Squadron Goals on Etsy. There are four cute Star Wars themed prints to choose from – loth cats, clonetroopers, porgs, and pastel porgs. The prints feature a repeating, tessellation style design, they are so cute! All over print T-shirts with… View Post

Review – Lantern Pins Lightsaber Heart Necklace

Today’s review features the gorgeous Star Wars lightsaber ‘Light Love’ necklace by Lantern Pins. I am so happy to see Lantern Pins offering some of her beautiful pin designs as jewelry! I am always on the look-out for fun and sparkly Star Wars necklaces, so this lightsaber heart design was… View Post

Review – Lantern Pins Kylo Ren Heart Necklace

Today’s review features the gorgeous Kylo Ren ‘Moody Love’ necklace by Lantern Pins. This creative design combines Kylo Ren’s lightsaber hilt with a red glitter heart ‘blade’ – perfect for Kylo Ren fans, Dark Side fans, or anyone who wants to show off their love of Star Wars! Show your… View Post

Rogue One Printed Tote Bags by The Bag Depot

Celebrate Rogue One with these great Star Wars printed fabric tote bags by The Bag Depot. The lovely ladies at The Bag Depot have added heaps of great new Star Wars bags, including these new Rogue One designs. Choose from Director Krennic, Darth Vader, Shoretrooper, K-2SO, and U-Wing prints. These… View Post

Beautiful Star Wars Earrings by Utinni Bikini

These beautiful Star Wars stud earrings are available from Etsy seller Utinni Bikini! There are two designs to choose from – the Rebel Alliance ‘starbird’ symbol decorated with little stars, or adorable little porgs! Both earring designs are made from a rose gold-toned metal, and are available in a variety… View Post

New Star Wars Floral Handbag by BenaeQuee

This beautiful Star Wars floral print bowler bag is now available from Etsy seller BenaeQuee Creations. The handbag features a floral print of Star Wars characters including porgs, BB-8, Wicket, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader. The bag is accented with black vinyl straps and bottom panel. BenaeQuee always puts a lot… View Post

Galactic Decoy Cardigan by Elhoffer Design

This fantastic new Star Wars Sabe’ inspired Galactic Decoy cardigan is available for pre-order from Elhoffer Design. This longline cardigan is inspired by Sabe’s ‘Queen Amidala Decoy’ battle outfit from The Phantom Menace. The cardigan features flared bell sleeves, pockets, and an oversized hood. For more amazing prequel-inspired fashion, check… View Post

Gorgeous Elhoffer Design Galactic Queen Cape!

This stunning Queen Amidala inspired cape is now available for pre-order from Elhoffer Design! Fans may remember that this design concept was originally previewed back in January last year, as part of a knitwear collection inspired by Padme’ Amidala. I am so happy to see it finally make it into… View Post

New Padme’ Amidala Dress by Elhoffer Design

This beautiful Padme’ Amidala velvet dress is now available for pre-order from Elhoffer Design! Inspired by the ‘green cut velvet’ dress Padme’ wears in Revenge Of The Sith, this ‘everyday cosplay’ style interpretation includes a full skirt, draped sleeves, and hood. This dress is part of Elhoffer Design’s new Padme’ Amidala… View Post

Armageddon Expo – Auckland 2018

Armageddon Expo was held in Auckland this past weekend – the biggest comic/sci-fi convention in New Zealand. While the convention also visits a couple of other New Zealand cities throughout the year, the Auckland event is by far the biggest and best – held annually over the long weekend ‘Labour… View Post