Elhoffer Design R2-D2 Inspired Cardigan

This cute R2-D2 inspired cardigan is now in stock at Elhoffer Design! The button front cropped cardigan is inspired by the original astromech droid, R2-D2, with a grey and blue design. I love the little touch of the red button at the top, in reference to R2-D2’s eye! Button Front… View Post

New Elhoffer Design Padme’ Amidala Sweater

I’m so excited! Elhoffer Design has released a new version of the gorgeous Padme’ Amidala Galactic Eclipse sweater! This new design features a cross front style and white trim at the sleeves, neckline, and hem. I absolutely love the original Galactic Eclipse sweater, so it’s great to see Elhoffer Design… View Post

Elhoffer Design Ahsoka Tano Knit Dress

Ahsoka Lives! This fabulous Ahsoka Tano inspired knit sheath dress is now available for pre-order from Elhoffer Design. The sleeveless dress features a striking blue and white pattern inspired by Ahsoka’s togruta montrals/lekku. – Pullover Sweater Bodycon Dress – NO Pockets (This goes against our standards, but due to the… View Post

Thanks for Everything Prophecy Girl

It’s a sad day for fangirl fashion – Prophecy Girl has closed. I love to see talented fans creating amazing Star Wars inspired fashion, and Prophecy Girl was one of my favourite up and coming brands. From classic text prints like ‘I Rebel’ to her beautiful Bazine Netal shirt, it… View Post

Elhoffer Design Amidala Galactic Picnic Top!

Padme’ Amidala fans rejoice! Elhoffer Design is releasing a new Galactic Picnic top! Featuring a similar design to their original Galactic Picnic cardigan, this new shell top features a flora design inspired by Padme’ Amidala’s picnic gown from Attack Of The Clones. Senators need breaks too! You can set off… View Post

Star Wars Knitted Scarves by VidaKnitWorks

Today’s Mos Eisley Marketplace find are these hand knitted scarves by Etsy seller VidaKnitWorks. The scarves feature a classic knit pattern of Star Wars characters including R2-D2 and Stormtroopers, with fun fringe ends. Check out the full range of hand knitted Star Wars accessories by VidaKnitWorks The scarves are priced at US$45.20… View Post

Elhoffer Design Galactic Scavenger Hooded Top

Check out the newest Star Wars design by Elhoffer Design – this gorgeous Galactic Scavenger hooded top! Inspired by Rey’s new outfit from The Rise Of Skywalker, the cream and white top features a draped overlay and hood. I always love the everyday cosplay style of Elhoffer Design, offering fans… View Post

Star Wars Space Moms T-Shirt at TeePublic

Celebrate the moms of Star Wars with this neat ‘Space Moms’ t-shirt by Looking For Leia on TeePublic. The text design includes many of the mothers in the Star Wars saga – Shmi Skywalker, Breha Organa, Beru Lars, Lyra Erso, Shara Bey, and Norra Wexley. The design is available in… View Post

Ladies of Star Wars T-Shirt at TeePublic

This fabulous Ladies Of Star Wars t-shirt is available on TeePublic. The design by SaurianDandy features Padme’ Amidala, Princess Leia, and Rey, together in a bold black-and-white design with red banner headline. The design is available in many women’s t-shirt and garment styles, as well as different colour garments, so… View Post

Queen Amidala Cardigan by Elhoffer Design

Check out the latest stunning Queen Amidala inspired cardigan from Elhoffer Design! The Galactic Appeal dolman cardigan is inspired by the outfit Queen Amidala wears when pleading to the Galactic Senate in The Phantom Menace.  Two Sizes: XS-L, XL-3X – Both will fit anyone, but if you want it slouchier… View Post