Star Wars Inspired Fashion by Geekanista5

Star Wars Inspired Fashion Collection by Etsy Seller Geekanista5

Today’s Mos Eisley Marketplace find is this fabulous new Star Wars inspired fashion collection by Etsy seller Geekanista5! The range includes four designs – one jacket, and four dresses, inspired by Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and even Mara Jade!

It’s hard to pick a favourite from these amazing designs, there are so many great details – I love the Rebel symbol detail on the back of the Luke Skywalker jacket, the leather straps of the Mara Jade dress, the great bucklet belt of the Darth Vader dress, and the gorgeous ombre’ colours of the Tatooine dress!

Each of these pieces is custom made to your measurements, up to 4X (allow up to 6 weeks for construction) – Geekanista5 can ship internationally, which is great!

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Inspired Twin Suns Dress by Etsy Seller Geekanista5

Photos sourced from and belong to Etsy/Geekanista5.