Review – Sith cowl dress

Review – Sith cowl dress

When We Love Fine previewed the Sith cowl dress, I knew I had to have it. I already own the original Jedi cowl dress and love it, so having one for the Light side and one for the Dark side was very appealing! The dress is priced at US$40.00 each direct from We Love Fine, and is available in sizes S to 3XL (they can ship internationally). I picked mine up for US$32.00 during their recent Black Friday sale.

The dress is sleeveless, with a waistband and flared skirt. The whole dress is black (compared to the jedi version, which was beige and brown) – the front of the top features the same printed tunic lines as the jedi dress, but this time the lines are grey to contrast against the black fabric. The cowl is attached at the neckline, and is lined with fabric printed with a small repeating Imperial symbol design in red. The jedi version featured the Rebel Alliance symbol in the hood lining, so these two matching dresses are designed to be more Original Trilogy-era themed. There are actual Sith symbols used in Expanded Universe sources, but they aren’t as well known or recognizable. Though if you take this dress as Original Trilogy-era, there are no sith that wear a tunic in black like the printed lines are depicting – but I know that is a matching style to the original jedi dress, and the detail adds more interest.

The fabric is 95% cotton, 5% spandex – so it’s soft and comfortable with a great amount of stretch. There is a small band of elastic sewn into the seam between the waistband and the skirt, to help keep the dressed fitted through the torso – but it’s not tight or restricting. I bought mine in size S – it measures approximately 35cm across the chest (underarm to underarm), 32cm across the waist band, while the skirt measures approximately 48cm from the waist band to hem (at the sides) – all measured while laid flat/unstretched.

We Love Fine - sith cowl dress (front) We Love Fine - sith cowl dress (back) We Love Fine - sith cowl dress (front)

My favourite aspect of this dress is the cowl hood – I just love it. While there is a lot of Star Wars apparel with hoods, this design is a brilliant and stylish variation but still functional and perfectly keeping with the sith theme – Emperor Palpatine was definitely a fan of hoods! It can be worn a variety of ways – up as a hood, around the neck like a scarf, or down around the shoulders. Another detail that has been popular are the pockets – one on each side, sewn from the same fabric as the skirt. They are a good size – plenty of space for your hands and hang deep enough not to worry about items falling out. The skirt also has a little tag in the right side seam, which has a grey and white ‘We Love Fine’ logo on both sides. While I’m usually a ‘Rebel’ girl, I’m definitely a fan of ‘force user’ themed things – the Dark side style of this dress makes it a must have for me, and it’s so comfy too!

We Love Fine - sith cowl dress (pocket detail) We Love Fine - sith cowl dress (hood lining detail)