New Darth Vader scarf

Thinkgeek has a new exclusive Darth Vader fashion scarf available. The lightweight grey scarf features a repeating Darth Vader helmet print, and measures 70″ wide and 40″ tall. The item title calls this a ‘Darth Vader infinity scarf’ – but the photo shows the ends, so I’m not sure if it actually is an infinity scarf. The scarf is 100% polyester, and is priced at US$24.99 each. Thinkgeek can ship internationally – they currently have 25% off all orders over US$40.00 with the code ‘BIGDEAL’ for today only!

Shop the Darth Vader fashion scarf at Thinkgeek

Thinkgeek - exclusive Darth Vader fashion scarf Thinkgeek - exclusive Darth Vader fashion scarf (detail)

Photos sourced from and belong to Thinkgeek.