Review – Mandalorian necklace

In April, Spencers released an exclusive Warriors Of Mandalore collection, which included a necklace. A short while later, they held a ‘buy one, get one for $1’ promotion on all jewelry. They had a few items I had been keen to buy, so I couldn’t resist – a Star Wars necklace for only $1! I love the Mandalorian bounty hunter Shae Vizla from SWTOR, so I thought it was a great opportunity to add a little more Mando to my fashion accessory collection. The necklace appears to have sold out, but other items from the collection are still available from Spencers.

The necklace originally retailed for US$12.99, a great price to start with – but a fantastic score for $1 in their promotion. Made by Bioworld exclusively for Spencers, the necklace features a mythosaur skull symbol pendant. The pendant and necklace have an antique/weathered finish, perfect for the theme. The back has a slightly different textured finish, and is stamped with ‘(c) LFL’. The pendant measures approximately 4cm high and 3.1cm wide, while the non-adjustable chain measures approximately 65cm long. It’s long enough for me to put on/remove without opening up the lobster-style clasp. When worn, it hangs a little lower than I personally prefer, but the chain is thin enough to shorten by cutting to your desired length and reattaching the larger end ring to the new end. Overall, it’s a great necklace and I’m very happy with my purchase.

Spencers - Mandalorian necklace (front) Spencers - Mandalorian necklace (back) Spencers - Mandalorian necklace (front)