Review – Chopper necklace

I already have a few pieces from the Body Vibe x Star Wars jewelry collection, and as a big Star Wars Rebels fan, I was excited to spot this ‘C1-10P’ necklace in my regular searches. So far I have only found it at Amazon, where it retails for US$15.00 (unfortunately they don’t ship this item outside the US). It is listed as a ‘boys’ necklace, which is disappointing – I would of course prefer to see an item like this marketed for ‘kids’, as we all know girls (and women) love Star Wars just as much – the Amazon page even uses the silhouette of a girl to show the necklace’s scale!

Body Vibe - Rebels Chopper necklace (with box) Body Vibe - Rebels Chopper necklace (with figure, sold separately)

The necklace comes packaged in a branded gift box, the same as other necklaces in the range. The pendant measures approximately 23mm high, and 19mm wide (not including hanger). The back is plain except for the standard copyright text etching ‘(c) & tm Lucasfilm Ltd.’. The front image of Chopper is nicely done, with a layer of resin giving a glossy finish. The image has very slight printing lines, no doubt an aspect of creating the image on the stainless steel pendant, and not evident unless viewed very closely.

Body Vibe - Rebels Chopper necklace Body Vibe - Rebels Chopper necklace (with hanger detail) Body Vibe - Rebels Chopper necklace (back, with clasp detail)

The ball chain is non-adjustable, measuring approximately 43cm long and closes with a standard lobster-style clasp. Personally I much prefer other styles of chain, but this necklace is marketed for children and the cheaper style of chain would keep the cost lower compared to other necklaces in the range. I have noticed that with all the Body Vibe x Star Wars necklaces I have purchased, the pendant hangers are larger than I expected – but that means the pendants are very easy to remove from their chains, the chain and clasp can simply pass through the wide hanger without issue. This makes changing the chain very easy – allowing you to hang the pendant on any length or style chain you prefer (without damaging the original chain in the process). In my photos below you can see the pendant hung from a hoop necklace I already own. I think it’s a very cute necklace, and I’m happy to have a Rebels-themed accessory for my wardrobe.

Body Vibe - Rebels Chopper pendant (hung from different necklace) Body Vibe - Rebels Chopper pendant (hung from different necklace)