New column on Fashion

We Love Fine jedi cowl hood dress and Irregular Choice Skywalker heels

Today the website debuted a new fortnightly column focusing on one of my favourite topics – fashion! Written by Catrina Dennis, the ‘Force Of Fashion‘ articles will feature costumes from the Star Wars galaxy, as well as real world Star Wars fashion.

Welcome to Force of Fashion, an all-new column focusing on all things wearable in a galaxy far, far away — and right here at home! Join me every other Wednesday for behind-the-scenes studies on some of the most iconic costumes of the saga, and the biggest highlights in Star Wars fashion today.

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In today’s article, Catrina writes about the robes of the Jedi. I have a strong connection to Jedi robes – my very first costume was a jedi knight inspired by Obi-Wan Kenobi’s outfit from Episode II, and I’m always keen to add Jedi-themed items to my wardrobe. Two of the most notable real world apparel items inspired by Jedi robes are the Galactic Knight dress by Elhoffer Design, and the Jedi cowl hood dress by We Love Fine – which was also designed by Catherine Elhoffer of Elhoffer Design!

Thankfully the Jedi Order symbol is used more frequently these days in apparel and accessories, but the classic Jedi robes are still not used often for apparel inspiration – especially when compared to ‘sith’ characters like Darth Vader. As I’m definitely more of a ‘Light Side of the Force’ girl, I would love to see more Jedi-themed apparel and jewelry. In the mean time, I can’t wait to read Catrina’s next ‘Force Of Fashion‘ column!

We Love Fine jedi cowl hood dress and Irregular Choice Skywalker heels