New Her Universe collection photos!

Her Universe - The Force Awakens collection preview

Her Universe and Hot Topic have posted a few photos from the Fashion Show open call event held on Saturday in Hollywood! The first photo (from Her Universe) shows one of last years Fashion Show winners, Kelly Cercone, in a First Order Stormtrooper dress, alongside the dress and Captain Phasma jacket and leggings on display. The second photo (from Her Universe) shows Ashley Eckstein in the Kylo Ren dress, with Jennifer Tisdale (from Blondie Girl Productions) in the BB-8 dress. The third photo (from Hot Topic) shows the range on display at the Hollywood store where the event was held! Across the top we can see the Rey cardigan, Finn jacket, Captain Phasma jacket, and Kylo Ren dress, while across the bottom we see an Poe/X-Wing pilot themed dress, Rey cardigan, BB-8 dress, Stormtrooper dress, Captain Phasma jacket, and Kylo Ren dress.

This whole collection is amazing! Fans who were able to attend have shared a few more photos on Instagram, check them out – Great pic of the Rey cardigan – X-Wing dress/Rey Cardigan/BB-8 dress – Collection promo image

Her Universe - Kelly Cercone in the First Order Stormtrooper dress Her Universe - Ashley (Kylo Ren dress) and Jennifer (BB-8 dress) Hot Topic - The Force Awakens collection preview

Photos sourced from and belong to Her Universe and Hot Topic respectively.