More Earrings from Body Vibe!

Body Vibe is still going strong with their collection of Star Wars jewelry! Today they have added seven more sets of earrings to their website. The stud earrings designs include Yoda, stormtrooper, Rebel Alliance logo, Jedi logo, Imperial logo, Darth Vader and Boba Fett. They look fantastic – definitely added a few of those to my shopping list. It is just so great to have so many jewelry options for female Star Wars fans. Body Vibe do not sell directly to customers as they are a wholesale website, so I’m hoping these earrings will be available from stockists soon – I’m eager to order!

Body Vibe - Yoda stud earrings Body Vibe - Stormtrooper stud earrings Body Vibe - Rebel Alliance logo stud earrings

Body Vibe - Jedi Order logo stud earrings Body Vibe - Empire logo stud earrings Body Vibe - Darth Vader stud earrings

Body Vibe - Boba Fett stud earrings

Photos sourced from and belong to Body Vibe.