Gold Bubble Clothing – The Mandalorian Apparel

Star Wars The Mandalorian Inspired Bounty + Hunter Collection by Gold Bubble Clothing

Fan fashion label Gold Bubble Clothing has released a new apparel collection inspired by the hit new Disney+ series The Mandalorian! The new collection includes designs inspired by the Mandalorian and Cara Dune – with dresses, crop tops, and leggings with an all-over print inspired by their costumes.

This is the armor of a warrior, noble of purpose, singular of vision. Covered with dents and scratches, each piece tells a story of trials endured, enemies overcome, and bounties won.

Whether you are tracking down former warlords, or searching for a great bargain, this is the perfect look when you’re on the hunt!
Display your fighting spirit in this battle-worn armor, and you’ll be ready for anything!

Available in sizes XS to XXL, the range is priced at US$49.00 each to US$89.00 each – Gold Bubble Clothing can ship internationally.

I do wish the tops were just a little longer to cover the torso, so that fans of all shapes and sizes can wear it with confidence – Cara Dune has been embraced as a role model for body positivity and inclusiveness. Of course I understand that not all garment styles will work for every body type, I guess I’m just wanting more Cara Dune-inspired wardrobe options (I’m just too shy to wear crop tops myself). I applaud Gold Bubble Clothing for including her in their range!

Check out the full collection below –

Photos sourced from and belong to Gold Bubble Clothing.