Forever Our Princess – Celebrating Carrie Fisher

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Forever Our Princess

Today is October 21st here in New Zealand – Carrie Fisher’s birthday. This day is always going to be tinged with sadness, but I wanted to take inspiration from Carrie herself –

“Take your broken heart, turn it into art”

So instead of dwelling on the fact she is no longer with us, I want to celebrate her legacy and the lasting impact Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia has had on my life. My artistic outlet is my wardrobe, so I have been embracing the joy I feel from wearing Princess Leia inspired fashion and accessories. 

I have always believed that clothing is closely connected to our sense of self – geek fashion is a creative way of expressing ourselves. Wearing items inspired by Leia and Carrie helps me express how much they will always mean to me.

As each year passes, I am happy to be able to add more Princess Leia pieces to my wardrobe. From classic t-shirts featuring artwork of Leia from A New Hope, to the jewelry she wears as General Leia in the new trilogy, there are so many options available now. This week, I’ll be highlighting some of my favourite Princess Leia themed fashion and accessories, collected over the years.

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I’m still not sure why Carrie’s death can still, after several years, easily make me cry when I read or talk about it. Perhaps one day I’ll be better able to articulate what Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia mean to me. In the mean time, she will always always be my hero and inspiration. Carrie’s brother, Todd Fisher, wrote about Carrie in his autobiography My Girls. He shares that Carrie had this quote from the film Heartbreak Ridge painted over her bed –

“Adapt! Overcome! Persevere!”

As soon as I finished reading Todd’s book, I printed out that quote, with a silhouette of Princess Leia underneath, and pinned it to my bedroom wall. A daily reminder of Carrie and her legacy of inspiring me through both her on-screen characters, and her own personal journey.

Just as sports fans show their allegiance and support by wearing their favourite team’s jersey, I show where my heart lies with my fashion too – Forever Team Leia #CarrieOnForever

Forever Our Princess

This article is part of our celebration of Princess Leia fashion, in remembrance of Carrie Fisher. Follow our coverage with the tag – Forever Our Princess #ForeverOurPrincess

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