Character necklaces by Adam Joseph

Vintage Star Wars character necklaces by Adam Joseph

For Return of the Jedi, the Star Wars jewelry license was held by Adam Joseph Inc. While the ‘text’ necklaces are easier to find, they also made a range of sculpted character necklaces. According to Collectors Archive, there were five gold tone necklaces fearturing C-3PO, R2-D2, Royal Guard, Wicket and Salacious Crumb. Each necklace was available in two styles of packing – blister card and jewelry card. Some unusual inclusions for designs – not often you find Salacious Crumb featured in merchandise, let alone jewelry! Of course I am very keen to track these necklaces down for my own collection – so far I have bought the Wicket, Royal Guard and Salacious Crumb necklaces.

Adam Joseph Inc - Wicket gold tone necklace (on blister card) Adam Joseph Inc - Wicket gold tone necklace

The Wicket necklace was the blister card version. While I don’t usually like to open vintage carded items, the card wasn’t mint, having suffered some damage – and it was only US$0.99c! It is always a little bit of a gamble buying vintage jewelry in regards to condition. As you can see in my closer photo of the pendant, there is some discolouration/damage, with a few spots appearing silver, most noticeable just above the feet. Considering it’s age, it’s not surprising, and it only cost me 99c on ebay. The sculpt is really cute, I’m on the look out for another one in better condition. Wicket measures approximately 3cm tall, with the non-adjustable chain measuring approximately 56cm long.

Adam Joseph Inc - Royal Guard gold tone necklace Adam Joseph Inc - Salacious Crumb gold tone necklace

The Royal Guard and Salacious Crumb necklaces are the jewelry card versions. You can see the pendants better than the blister card versions, with the chain kept safely in a little envelope on the back. The Royal Guard pendant is a little dull, the surface is perhaps a little tarnished? Again, not surprising for it’s age. The Salacious Crumb is fantastic – very shiny, the sculpt is amazing. I am really excited to be able to add him to my collection. I paid US$15 each for these two (I feel that was a little more than I would have liked to spend on the Royal Guard necklace considering it’s condition, but it’s still wearable). Both pendants measure approximately 3cm tall, on non-adjustable chains measuring approximately 56cm long each.

Adam Joseph Inc - gold tone ROTJ necklaces