I Am BB-8 cap sleeve skater dress

Amazon - I Am BB-8 capped sleeve skater dress

A new cute BB-8 dress is available from Amazon! Made by Mighty Fine, the women’s cap sleeve skater dress features an all-over front and back print of BB-8’s features, grey cap sleeves and a scoop neckline. Available in sizes XS to XXL, the dress is priced at US$44.95 each – unfortunately Amazon doesn’t ship clothing to international addresses, but customers outside the US can use a mail forwarding service to purchase.

While a BB-8 ‘everyday cosplay’ style dress isn’t a brand new idea, this version uses a smaller scale ‘main body’ print (that it, the orange circles on the skirt section), compared to the larger print designs on others like the Her Universe and Gold Bubble Clothing versions. I quite like the smaller print, with the pattern repeating more times across the skirt – much less blank white space.

I Am BB-8 cap sleeve skater dress – US$44.95 each – sizes XS to XXL

Amazon - I Am BB-8 cap sleeve skater dress

Photo sourced from and belongs to Amazon.