Irregular Choice x Star Wars at Thinkgeek

Irregular Choice x Star Wars at Thinkgeek

Thinkgeek has two Irregular Choice x Star Wars footwear styles available – one of them is exclusive to Thinkgeek! They have the black glitter ‘I Am Your Father’ Darth Vader flats, and an exclusive style of R2-D2 flats, which feature a printed image of R2-D2 on each shoe (rather than the embroidered R2-D2 of the standard silver glitter version). Purchases are limited to 3 per customer – Thinkgeek can ship internationally!

I’m really glad to see Thinkgeek stocking a wider shoe size range than their earlier Irregular Choice footwear (they only stocked US 7 to 9 of the original collection styles, compared to US 5 to 10 in this second collection).

Irregular Choice has always been out there with their footwear designs, but now they’re so far out they’re in a galaxy far, far away. Introducing the limited-edition Star Wars collection from Irregular Choice, which we’re elated to be able to offer on ThinkGeek!

thinkgeek_irregularchoicer2d2flatsfeature thinkgeek_irregularchoicer2d2flats2

thinkgeek_irregularchoicer2d2flats3 thinkgeek_irregularchoicer2d2flats4


thinkgeek_irregularchoiceiamyourfatherflats1 thinkgeek_irregularchoiceiamyourfatherflats2


thinkgeek_irregularchoiceiamyourfatherflats4 thinkgeek_irregularchoiceiamyourfatherflats5

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