Irregular Choice x Star Wars out now!

Irregular Choice x Star Wars out now!

The second collection of women’s Star Wars footwear from Irregular Choice is now available! And it looks like the older designs have returned! I’m trying to update this post as fast as I can – there’s some great new designs! So exciting! 🙂

Irregular Choice have implemented a queue system to handle website traffic during the launch –

Click on any of the star wars products and you will be sent to our queue page. You will be popped in the queue and once you reach the front you will have 20 mins to check out and purchase whatever you like from the website.

*update* unfortunately the older designs were simply left over stock –

…the star wars phase 1 styles are just shoes we had left over from the original launch. Phase 2 are all brand new never seen before style… can ship internationally, which is great!

Other stockists –

OfficeSchuh – Thinkgeek – Shoe Fun – Fun – Tilted Sole – Zooji – JapanLA

Irregular Choice x Star Wars - 2016 collection R2-D2 flats Irregular Choice x Star Wars - 2016 collection Golden Vader heels

Irregular Choice - 2016 collection R Series Darth Vader high tops Irregular Choice x Star Wars - women's 'Floral Droid' sandals

Irregular Choice - women's 'Day of the Trooper' heels irregularchoice_rseriesartoo1

irregularchoice_darkempire1 irregularchoice_thegoldendroid1

irregularchoice_iamyourfather1 irregularchoice_darklord1

irregularchoice_floralartoo1 irregularchoice_iridescentvader1

irregularchoice_battlewithartoo1 irregularchoice_glitzyartoo1


Photos sourced from and belong to Irregular Choice.