Irregular Choice x Star Wars release countdown

Irregular Choice - Star Wars footwear collection #2 teaser

The second Irregular Choice x Star Wars footwear collection goes live on in just a few hours! I’ll be updating this post with any possible new information prior to launch – if you’re planning on picking up a pair (or three…), make sure you have created an account, and check your address information etc is up to date for a quick check-out process. Irregular Choice have said that stockists will also launch the collection today, but haven’t released a list of retailers who will stock the new Star Wars styles yet.

*update* thanks to Carly on Facebook for posting the link to the Schuh website, which shows 2 new styles! A glitter C-3Po flat called ‘The Golden Droid‘, and silver heeled sandals with a glitter Darth Vader heel called ‘Dark Empire‘!!

For those of you who have added any of the first release styles to your Irregular Choice ‘love list’, you may have noticed that these older styles now have a countdown timer! Does this mean that some of the first collection styles will be re-released, or is this more of a website glitch, listing all the Star Wars styles as part of the second collection countdown? I guess we’ll find out soon! Searching for ‘Star Wars’ on brings up nearly the entire first collection as ‘coming soon’, along with the officially previewed 5 new styles. Personally, I’d love to see the original styles re-released, to give fans a second chance after missing out (popular styles like the original R2-D2 heels sold out within 15 minutes of launch).

Irregular Choice - first collection R2-D2 heels (countdown timer?) Irregular Choice - are older Star Wars styles returning?

In any case, we know of at least 9 new styles – 5 have been officially previewed by Irregular Choice, with another 4 styles seen on display at the recent Disney Lifestyle event in London. The officially previewed styles include R2-D2 glitter flats, golden Darth Vader heels, Darth Vader high top trainers, floral C-3PO sandals, floral Stormtrooper heels, while the glitter Darth Vader flats, hologram Darth Vader heels, and two styles of R2-D2 heels were seen on display in London. Irregular Choice have yet to confirm if these additional styles will be part of the collection – we also don’t know the total number of styles included in this collection.

Irregular Choice - 2016 collection R2-D2 glitter flats Irregular Choice x Star Wars - 2016 collection Golden Vader heels

Irregular Choice - 2016 collection R Series Darth Vader high tops Irregular Choice x Star Wars - women's 'Floral Droid' sandals Driod

Irregular Choice - women's 'Day of the Trooper' heels

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These Instagram photos show the Irregular Choice x Star Wars styles on display in London –

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