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Musterbrand x Star Wars - womens' Rey top and Jyn Erso jacket

The official Star Wars website has posted an interview with Musterbrand co-founder and CEO, Knut Bergel. The interview features the newly released Rogue One jackets, but Bergel also touched on a few other very interesting points about Musterbrand, and geek fashion –

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“…we’re continuing with Rogue One and coming up with other categories, like knitwear and expanding with a shoe collection.”

Shoes?! This is really exciting! I love the creative in-world designs of Musterbrand’s apparel collection, so I can’t wait to see a footwear collection!

“So we wanted to kind of elevate that merchandise, and also make sure that we reached as many fans as we could in order to try and start, in a sense, changing the scope of what fashion meant within this geek space.”

It makes me incredibly happy to see a geek fashion company understand the importance of accessibility to fans, wherever they live. Although Musterbrand is based in Europe, they don’t exclude fans – they ship internationally. It’s an ongoing frustration that some of the other prominent women’s geek apparel companies continue to to exclude so many women/fans, by not shipping outside the US.

“Our main message and idea is to bring the excitement of those franchises to real life. That doesn’t stop at something like cosplay events or shows — it’s everywhere, it’s something you wear every day, that identity of who you are. We think clothes are kind of your interface, and how you face the outside world. A lot of times, you’re showing off the kind of subculture that you believe in and that you’re dedicated to. So we aim to make our fans feel excited, and to keep their passion recognizable in what they wear in a stylish, elegant way.”

This is the idea that created The Kessel Runway – that our clothes speak to who we are, and what we love. If you saw me on the street, you would instantly know that I love Star Wars. It’s a huge part of my life, and and I love to show that with my wardrobe. Musterbrand’s Star Wars range clearly shows their passion for wearable, durable, and stylish apparel, that mixes real world design with Star Wars inspiration. They are definitely a brand to watch, and support – they are leading the way in what geek fashion should be about – creating stylish apparel for fans everywhere.

Musterbrand x Star Wars - womens' Rey top and Jyn Erso jacket

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