Review – Sears Rebels black hoodie

My first licensed Star Wars t-shirts came from the boys section of my local clothing store. Thankfully there is a lot more range available for women these days, but some times I spot something meant for kids that I want myself. While doing my routine on-line browsing, I followed a trail of links and ended up looking at the boys Star Wars clothing on One item in particular stood out – a black hoodie with Rebels themed graffiti. To me, this calls out to be worn by girls too – as the Rebels character Sabine Wren is an artist who leaves her graffiti behind when taking down the Empire. As it turns out, the hoodie was 50% off, so I made use of a free U.S. domestic shipping promotion and bought it via my U.S. mail service.

Their sizing guide was a bit vague, but I figured the boys XL should be a good fit. It measures approx 19.5″ across the chest, and 18.5″ across the lower hem – a great casual fit for me. It does have a weird full hood zip up – that is, the hood zips up over the face, giving a TIE Fighter helmet look. That’s a bit weird given all the anti-Empire graffiti, but I intend to modify the hood to a regular open face style. It features front pockets, with images printed on the front, sleeves and hood – the back is plain. For US$20 I thought it was a cute purchase, and I’m keen to add more Rebels themed items to my wardrobe – it will go great with my Sabine Rebels t-shirt from Her Universe!

Sears - Rebels graffiti hoodie Sears - Rebels graffiti hoodie