Black Milk Clothing x Star Wars

Australia clothing label Black Milk Clothing first caught my attention years ago, when they released an Artoo swimsuit. In 2012 they released their first Star Wars collection in collaboration with Lucasfilm. The full line of Black Milk Clothing x Star Wars includes 7 athletic tops, 14 swimsuits, 10 dresses and 6 leggings. Focusing on Original Trilogy characters and images, but also art and comic panels, the collection was hugely popular. Sadly all the pieces are now limited or discontinued, with the athletic style shooter tops the only ones still available (a handful of older collection pieces are still available in select sizes on the US only website).

I really do hope they continue with the Star Wars license and release more designs. In the time since the Star Wars collection, Black Milk has expanded their range of styles to include skater dresses and skirts, crop tops, bomber jackets and more. It would be amazing to see some of their other garment styles with Star Wars images! I managed to grab 11 items from the 37 available (including the fantastic Art Nouveau Leia dress featuring art by Adam Hughes) and would love to add more to my wardrobe.

Click here for a full gallery of the Black Milk Clothing x Star Wars collection on Pinterest

Black Milk Clothing - AT-AT dress Black Milk Clothing - Artoo and Threepio leggings

Black Milk Clothing - Art Nouveau Leia dress Black Milk Clothing - Frozen Solo leggings

Photos sourced from and belong to Black Milk Clothing.