Review – Kylo Ren costume tee

Mighty Fine - women's Kylo Ren cosplay t-shirt

While I love all the new characters in The Force Awakens, I recently noticed that I didn’t own any Kylo Ren themed apparel. What was I going to wear my new Han Cholo Kylo Ren lightsaber necklace with?! So I was excited to spot this women’s Kylo Ren costume t-shirt at SuperHeroStuff – a printed t-shirt made by Mighty Fine, featuring the details of his costume. While I usually prefer apparel featuring the good guys (Rebel/Jedi), I’m sure I’m not the only fan who also loves the new-era bad guy!

The women’s Kylo Ren costume t-shirt is available from SuperHeroStuff in sizes S to XXL, priced at US$23.99 each (+US$2 for size XXL). SuperHeroStuff can ship internationally, which is great. I bought mine in size small – it measures approximately 40cm across the chest (underarm to underarm), 43.5cm across the lower hem, and 60cm from front neckline to front lower hem.

Mighty Fine - women's Kylo Ren cosplay t-shirt Mighty Fine - women's Kylo Ren cosplay t-shirt

The women’s black t-shirt features an all-over print of Kylo Ren’s costume details – cloak/shawl around the shoulders/neckline, belt with front detail, and fabric drape lines. The fabric is 50% cotton, 50% polyester – it is nice and soft. The sections with minimal printing stretch well, but the printed belt and cloak sections restrict the fabric’s stretch a little more. This makes the t-shirt a little ‘stiff’ to put on, but this should soften up a little more with wear. Large printed sections on knit fabric do have a tendency to crack over time, but printed garments should always be treated with care to protect the print from damage.

I find it interesting that the belt print is darker on the back than on the front. In my photo below, you can see the difference at the right side seam (back of garment on left, front of garment on right). The rest of the details (fabric drape lines and cloak) remain the same front and back, so I can only assume this color difference is deliberate, to hint at the presence of Kylo Ren’s cloak that would hide the belt? Anyway, I think this is a fun tee for casual wear – I need to balance out all the Darth Vader apparel in my wardrobe with some featuring the new bad guy!

Mighty Fine - women's Kylo Ren cosplay t-shirt Mighty Fine - women's Kylo Ren cosplay t-shirt