Review – necklaces by Adam Joseph

For each of the original trilogy films, a different company held the license for jewelry in the United States. For Return of the Jedi, it was Adam Joseph Industries Inc. (San Francisco, California). So far I have three of their necklaces – ROTJ logo, MTFBWY and X-Wing Fighter Pilot. These are some of the easier to find pieces from Adam Joseph, I paid US$20 for the bundle of three on Ebay.

They each came bagged on a plastic card, with the chain lengths held in a little paper envelope on the back. The chains are much finer than those of the Weingeroff Ent. necklaces, which compliments the pendants nicely. Each necklace has a standard circle clasp, and they are not adjustable in length. Each pendant has the standard Lucasfilm copyright on the back from 1983 (compared to the 1977 necklaces which bear the 20th Century Fox copyright instead). All three chains are 44cm in length – two of them have discoloured a little in spots, but easy enough to remove the pendant and hang from the best chain (or a different chain, if you want a different style/length). Also, my ROTJ pendant has a small scratch across the front, which isn’t surprising for it’s age, but something to look out for.

Approx sizes – ROTJ pendant – 4cm x 2.3cm, MTFBWY pendant – 4cm x 2.3cm, X-Wing Fighter Pilot pendant – 1.9cm diameter.

Adam Joseph Industries - ROTJ necklace Adam Joseph Industries - MTFBWY necklace Adam Joseph Industries - X-Wing Fighter Pilot necklace