Strapless dresses from We Love Fine

We Love Fine has been adding a wider variety of styles to their Star Wars range for women, including dresses. I recently picked up their two Star Wars strapless dresses – the Darth Vader tube dress and the R2-D2 tube dress. Each retails for US$34.00, available in sizes small to 2XL.

Both dresses have wide elastic in the top seam, thin elastic at the waist seam, and lovely flared skirts. The blue details on the front of the R2-D2 dress are done with a foil/metallic finish, adding some sparkle. The top of the R2-D2 dress is white fabric, with printed details on the front and back. The Darth Vader dress top is made from black fabric, with all the details and grey background printed on (the black areas are unprinted, leaving the base fabric showing). The back of the Darth Vader dress is plain, as you would expect as his cape has no details (the We Love Fine website doesn’t show a back view). Both dresses are made from 94% cotton, 6% spandex, so they have good stretch – though I wouldn’t overstretch the tops as it may stress the all-over front Vader print, or the foil on the R2-D2 dress. They both have a bit of shape through the bust, with subtle gathering along the front top edge.

I ordered the two dresses in size small. Both dresses measure approximately 34cm across the top, but they vary in their other measurements – Darth Vader measures 32cm across the waist, with a skirt length of 36cm, while R2-D2 measures 34cm across the waist, with a skirt length of 39cm. Differences due to the nature of commercially made garments, but an interesting note. Overall, these are fun casual dresses in a style not often available in licensed Star Wars apparel, I hope to see more strapless designs in the future.

IMG_8195m IMG_8197m IMG_8201m IMG_8203m