Review – Loungefly accessories

Review – Loungefly accessories

Following on my from my post about Loungefly’s Star Wars handbags and purses, I discovered they are also making quite a range of other accessories. I had recently spent my Hot Topic ‘Hot Cash’ voucher on a range of Star Wars accessories and my eagerly awaited parcel just arrived in the mail. When I checked the tags of my new necklaces and bows, they are all made by Loungefly! I haven’t spotted any mention of these accessories on their website or social media, so it was a surprise (Hot Topic’s online store doesn’t list the manufacturer either).

Loungefly Star Wars bows

Loungefly Star Wars R2-D2 bow - back Loungefly Star Wars Stormtrooper/Darth Vader bow - back

My purchase included two bows – one R2-D2 themed, the other Imperial with stormtrooper and Darth Vader designs printed on the front. These bows have an alligator clip at the back for wearing in hair, together with a brooch clasp for wearing on clothing. The R2 one is very nice, with embroidery and and printed details, measuring approx 12cm across. The designs on the Imperial one are a little more hidden/distorted by the gathering of the bow, but it’s still very apparent to fans who will recognise the helmet designs. That could be a good thing, the designs will appear more abstract and subtle to non-fans, together with the bow’s smaller size of approx 10cm across. These bows originally retailed for US$6.50 each.

My Hot Topic purchase included five Star Wars necklaces, featuring a range of styles – I can’t decide which one I like best! Each pendant has the official Star Wars Logo and Lucasfilm copyright details on the back. Original retail price for each necklace was US$10.50.

Millennium Falcon – this is a flat metal pendant approx 3.8 x 2.2cm on a braided leather/leather-like cord with standard lobster clasp. It is not an adjustable length – the cord measures approx 52cm long, but you could also cut the cord and string the pendant on the necklace/cord of your choice. This is the most gender-neutral pendant of the ones I bought, I could easily see guys wearing this one too. The Falcon pendant is flat, but has great black line art detail on the front, it’s really cool.

Loungefly - Millennium Falcon pendant

R2-D2 – another flat metal pendant featuring R2’s head (face?). The designs appear to be printed on, rather than set in enamel, but are nice and crisp. It measures approx 3.2cm across the bottom edge, and comes with a silver adjustable chain with lobster clasp. The chain measures approx 54cm long, with a further 7cm of wider chain for adjusting.

Loungefly - R2-D2 pendant

MTFBWY – this ones is a silver metal disc with ‘MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU’ stamped in black around the rim, with classic poster set in the center. Attached to the chain is a second pendant, featuring Luke’s blue lightsaber. It’s position will vary depending on how long you wear the adjustable chain, but at the shortest length the lightsaber hangs just above the disc. It can’t really be worn at the longest length, as the lightsaber can’t pass through the ring of the disc pendant, and stops it hanging properly unless you move the lobster clasp around instead of directly behind your neck as usual. The chain measures approx 51cm, with a further 6cm of wider chain for adjusting – I wear it at the shortest length, so the lightsaber hangs nicely.

Loungefly - MTFWBY pendant

Stormtrooper – featuring a stormtrooper helmet design printed on a central disc, it has a second ring that has “YOU DONT KNOW THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE” printed on it, with 3 Imperial cogs each side. The ring measures 3.5cm across, with the internal pendant measuring just under 2cm wide. The stormtrooper pendant hangs nice and centred within the ring. It is hung on an adjustable chain with lobster clasp – the chain measures approx 52cm with a further 6cm of wider chain for adjusting.

Loungefly - Stormtrooper pendant

Princess Leia – This one is by far the largest and heaviest of the pendants, measuring approx 5cm tall and 4.3cm side. It features a silver metal setting with a cameo style picture of Princess Leia (reminds me of Craig Drake’s style of Star Wars art prints) under a clear dome. The chain measures approx 54cm long, with a further 9cm of wider chain for adjusting. Combined with the long chain and pendant size, this one hangs a little low on me, I’ll probably choose another shorter chain to wear with the pendant. A slightly more feminine style pendant than the others, it could also look good on hung from something like velvet ribbon in a choker style.

Loungefly - Princess Leia pendant