Review – I Am Han skirt

We Love Fine - I Am Han Solo skirt

A little while ago I spotted this Han Solo skirt on Amazon, and ordered it straight away. It felt like the same design as the I Am Han shorts from the recent We Love Fine X Goldie collection, but I wasn’t sure if it was made by them or simply a copy of the idea. When it arrived, I checked the tag – sure enough, it does include both Mighty Fine and We Love Fine on the garment tag. I am curious why this item isn’t sold directly on the We Love Fine website, as I prefer the skirt over the shorts (I own and love both, but the skirt feels more practical for every day wear). I paid US$24.99 from Coast City Styles on Amazon – it is still available from several sellers in sizes S to XXL.

I ordered mine in size small – it measures approximately 32cm across the waist band, and 38cm in length from waistband seam to hem. The skirt is sewn from a dark blue stretch knit fabric, which hangs nicely. It features an elastic waist band, and inset side panels with embroidered red Corellian bloodstripes. I think it’s a fantastic translation of a costume design into an every day garment – a subtle Star Wars touch every fan will recognise. It seems a shame this wasn’t available from We Love Fine at Celebration Anaheim, it would have sold well alongside the popular Her Universe lightsaber skirt (I’m surprised there aren’t more licensed Star Wars skirts). In any case, it’s great that they did make a Han Solo skirt version – it’s such a cute and comfy addition to my wardrobe, I know it will get a lot of wear!

We Love Fine - I Am Han Solo skirt We Love Fine - I Am Han Solo skirt (side)

It was interesting to compare the skirt to the shorts – they are indeed very similar, but it’s great for fans to have options. The blue knit fabric is the same for both (60% cotton, 40% polyester), and the elastic band appears to be the same width (the waist band fabric is more gathered on the shorts). Both garments have red Corellian bloodstripes embroidered on an insert panel – but the stripes are just slightly ‘thicker’ on the skirt. In the close-up embroidery comparison photo below, the skirt is on the left, shorts are on the right – that photo also is the most accurate portrayal of the blue fabric colour of the garments. You can read my earlier review of the shorts (and coordinating t-shirt) here.

We Love Fine - I Am Han Solo shorts and skirt comparison We Love Fine - I Am Han Solo skirt (left) and shorts (right) embroidery comparison