New tees at 80’s Tees

80’s Tees has several new women’s Star Wars t-shirts available for pre-order. The new designs include a women’s Princess Leia ‘I Love You’ t-shirt made by Mighty Fine (there’s a matching Han Solo men’s t-shirt), and a ‘Universe Star Wars’ print that is available on three different styles of women’s tops made by Fifth Sun. All of the new designs are part of 80’s Tees ‘fund it’ process – in that, every design needs a minimum number of pre-orders in order for that t-shirt to be produced and stocked. Thankfully, these minimum required quantities are not large – only 20 orders required for the Princess Leia tee to be produced, and 10 each for the ‘Universe Star Wars’ design tops. All of these tees are priced at US$19.95 to US$22.00 each, depending on size/design – get 20% off during the pre-order period with the code ‘Preorder20’ (pre-order ends 21st March for the Princess Leia tee, 10th March for the ‘Universe Star Wars’ tops). 80’s Tees can ship internationally, which is great.

80's Tees - women's Princess Leia 'I Love You' t-shirt 80's Tees - women's 'Universe Star Wars' tank top 80's Tees - women's 'Universe Star Wars' v-neck t-shirt 80's Tees - women's 'Universe Star Wars' t-shirt

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