More Loungefly previews

The fashion trade show WWDMagic recently took place in the US, and Loungefly has released a few sneak peaks of some of their new upcoming Star Wars items! Following on from earlier preview photos (see them here and here), come three more photos! The first photo shows a new tote bag and matching wallet with classic Marvel era artwork of R2-D2. I haven’t been able to identify the source of the tote bag artwork (possibly by Howard Chaykin), while the wallet features artwork from a ‘Star Wars Super Stakes’ advert in issue #31 ‘Return to Tatooine’. The second photo has a clearer view of the new BB-8 print handbag and matching wallet (the handbag could be seen in this earlier photo too), while the third photo has a close up of a new handbag featuring a floral ‘sugar skull’ style Darth Vader and Stormtrooper print (also seen in the back of the first photo). I am loving these new designs – my favourites are the classic comic art R2-D2 items, I love the colours!

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Loungefly x Star Wars preview from WWD Magic 2016

Loungefly x Star Wars preview from WWD Magic 2016 Loungefly x Star Wars preview from WWD Magic 2016

Photos sourced from and belong to Loungefly.