New bead charms available

A few days ago I posted a preview photo as spotted on the Facebook page of Norse Legion, showing more upcoming Star Wars charm beads by Body Vibe. In my routine checking today, I noticed that Norse Legion has added a few of these charm beads to their web store. The four designs are Chewbacca (dangle), Darth Vader (dangle – black version), and two versions of Stormtrooper (regular and dangle). The regular stormtrooper bead is priced at US$14.99, while the dangle beads are US$17.99 each – cheaper than the other stockists I have found. It appears Norse Legion do offer international shipping.

Interestingly, the regular stormtrooper charm bead is part of the range available from Thinkgeek, described as an exclusive set, but the page for the individual bead on it’s own does not mention ‘exclusive’. Perhaps they mean that they offer a set with the bracelets that other stockists do not? In any case, Thinkgeek’s price for the individual stormtrooper bead is US$34.99, compared to US$14.99 from Norse Legion. It is also interesting that the Darth Vader dangle bead is available in two versions – silver or black. I reviewed the silver version a little while ago, purchased from Amazon – the black one looks just as neat. I should also note that I don’t believe these are licensed Pandora charm beads, as they are made by Body Vibe, and that the name is used to describe the fact they fit Pandora-style bracelets.

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Norse Legion - Chewbacca charm bead Norse Legion - Darth Vader charm bead Norse Legion - Stormtrooper charm bead Norse Legion - Stormtrooper charm bead

Photos sourced from and belong to Norse Legion.