Peter Alexander sleep wear

Australian sleep wear label Peter Alexander is known for their licensed theme collections – a few months ago saw the release of a Star Wars collection for sale in their stores in Australia and New Zealand. Including both men’s and women’s items, the garments featured characters from the Original trilogy. While a little more expensive than generic department store sleep wear – as you would expect with a designer brand – the pieces were very cute, well made and worth their asking price. The range was available in a variety of sleep wear options including shirts, singlets, leggings, boxer shorts and even slippers. Here are a few of my favourite pieces in the collection, which is sadly sold out now (try checking if you desperately need them in your life) –

Peter Alexander sleepwear Peter Alexander sleepwear Peter Alexander sleepwear Peter Alexander sleepwear

Peter Alexander slippers Peter Alexander underwear Peter Alexander sleepwear Peter Alexander sleepwear

Images sourced from and belong to Peter Alexander.