Loungefly R2-D2 wallet at ModCloth

Loungefly R2-D2 wallet at ModCloth

The Loungefly x Star Wars R2-D2 wallet is now available from ModCloth. The women’s zip-up wallet features embossed details of R2-D2’s classic features, and the standard Loungefly x Star Wars metal enamel plaque on the back. The wallet is priced at US$38.99 each – ModCloth can ship internationally.

Back in August last year, ModCloth originally stocked the matching Loungefly R2-D2 dome handbag – it is no longer available, but now that they have just stocked the wallet, perhaps they will restock the handbag too? As Loungefly can’t ship outside the US due to licensing restrictions, I love seeing their Star Wars products stocked at stores than can ship internationally, like ModCloth.

Women’s Loungefly R2-D2 wallet – US$38.99 each

ModCloth - women's Loungefly R2-D2 wallet ModCloth - women's Loungefly R2-D2 wallet

ModCloth - women's Loungefly R2-D2 wallet

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