More Loungefly at Modcloth

Modcloth has added three more Loungefly x Star Wars items to their website. The first is the C-3PO coin purse, priced at US$19.99 (review earlier here), the second is the Darth Vader crossbody bag, priced at US$54.99 (reviewed earlier here), and the third is the very popular R2-D2 handbag, priced at US$59.99 (reviewed earlier here). I own all three of these items, they are some of my favourite items from the Loungefly range. Modcloth can ship internationally, which is great.

Shop the new Loungefly x Star Wars items at Modcloth

Modcloth - Loungefly C-3PO coin purse Modcloth - Loungefly C-3PO coin purse

Modcloth - Loungefly Darth Vader crossbody bag Modcloth - Loungefly Darth Vader crossbody bag

Modcloth - Loungefly R2-D2 handbag Modcloth - Loungefly R2-D2 handbag

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